Friday, May 22, 2015

New Product: Paracord Bracelet with Built in Compass

It’s the perfect time of the year to go camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity. This versatile bracelet made of parachute cord, is not just attractive, but very useful in case of an emergency.
This newest product at, is called the Paracord Bracelet with Built in Compass. It’s not only attractive, but also handy to have around your wrist! This is because it has many features, that can help you, in case of an emergency, by using it’s parachute cord. Perfect for camping or hiking!

The Paracord Bracelet, includes a compass, flint bar (flint bars are used to start fires), 10.5 feet of strong cord that was used for parachutes in World War II… Plus it has an emergency whistle, as well. Whistles are important for notifying others where you are, in case you get lost! You can also use it for tourniquets, tying splints, shoe laces, for fishing lines and even for sewing threads, by making it thinner. Plus any other use you can think of!

Don’t go camping or hiking, without this versatile and beautiful bracelet.

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