Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: A Knife That Looks Like A Pen And Also Writes For Only $7.29!

A handy self defense weapon that protects you, writes and since it’s disguised, you can use it in plain sight. Great for college students and women.

Our newest disguised unit is available in black, silver and gold colors and only costs $7.29! It’s convenient to carry anywhere and perfect for college students and women. Just like regular pens, it has a convenient clip to hang it on a pocket or keep in a purse or backpack. The Pen Knife is a self defense disguised weapon that's easy to use. Just pull the bottom half out and you have a 2.13” sharp blade or knife, that can be used to protect yourself from attackers or rapists. The tip of this $7.29 pen works just like any other writing utensil. Simply twist it around to expose the tip for writing!

This knife unit is great for women, college students or anyone that feels a small weapon they can hide, is convenient to have for self defense! Not bad for just $7.29!

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