Monday, May 25, 2015

Do You Ever Get Locked Out Of Your Home?

It happens way too often! We go outside and can’t get back inside, because we left the keys inside our home, or can’t seem to find where we placed them…
We have an emergency solution for finding a second set of keys or spare one, if you happen to need it. It’s called the Rock Key Hider! Disguised to look like an ordinary garden rock, it can keep your key or several keys in a safe place. This little item will offer you some peace of mind, if you ever loose or misplace your home keys.

It looks like an ordinary rock and if you touch the top, it also feels like one, as well! The disguised key hider emergency unit measures; 1” wide by 1.25” deep and 2.25” long. The key hider compartment is tall enough to hide a few keys inside of it.

The perfect disguised emergency solution for any home dweller, in this busy world which sometimes makes us forgetful!

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