Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Police Pepper Spray Pink & Black Zebra Holster, Contains 23% Heat, Not Just 10%

This fashionable self defense pepper spray unit for women, is hotter than other defense units in the market. It includes attractive velvety stripes and a convenient key clip.
We all know that women need to carry protection or some self defense unit, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make a fashion statement! This beautiful, non lethal police strength Zebra weapon is convenient to carry anywhere you go and perfect for stopping a rapist. The Police Pepper Spray Pink & Black Zebra Holster reaches an attacker 5 to 7 feet away. It contains approximately 6 bursts of devastation against a would be rapist.

The Zebra holster of this police pepper spray self defense unit allows to spray it, without even having to unbutton the top of it. Women can simply just place their thumb on the large top opening and press down! This saves you an extra step in order for you to defend yourself.

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