Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't Fall Asleep While Driving on Your Vacation!

Photo by MJ/TR

Are you planning to get away this summer with your family? If you are, and you choose to drive instead of taking a plane, make sure that you are properly prepared. Most people on long driving trips, tend to get tired and sleepy. 

You probably like to extend your vacation days as much as possible, so you prefer to drive at night. Most of your family is either sleeping next to you or in the back seats of your car. With your family quiet and the darkness of the night, sooner or later you will get sleepy. Of course, you can also get sleepy during the day while you drive your car, by just watching the long road or after a big lunch! This is when it's crucial to have a Nap Zapper Driver Alarm!

The Nap Zapper Driver Alarm is a great little device, that you place around your ear. It detects when your head tilts forward, as you start to fall asleep. Instantly, it makes a loud alarm sound, to wake you up! It's very light, comfortable and inexpensive, only $7.95. A very small price to pay for keeping you and your family safe and alive during your trip!

The Nap Zapper Alarm is not only convenient to have while you drive your car on vacation, it's also handy for truckers, night shift workers, and even to help students stay awake while studying!

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