Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Is What Our Tasers Can Do!

If you are serious about your personal, home or business safety, this is what you will need. A Taser C2, X26c or M26c. Watch the video below.

Your personal and family's safety is very important. Tasers are the ultimate weapon and used by most police officers around the world. The Taser C2, X26c and M26c are non-lethal weapons that won't put you in jail, if you use them for your personal safety.

Taser Features

• Non lethal weapon
• Laser light for perfect aiming toward attackers (on when safety cover is opened)
• LED flashlight (on when safety cover is opened)
• Stun gun backup, in case you have more than one attacker
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback makes it easy to be used by us women
• No cleaning gun powder necessary
• Instant rebates for the C2, X26c and M26c, at WomenOnGuard

PLUS, a TASER C2, keeps tasing for 30 seconds while you escape by placing it on the ground! In addition, if your unit is stolen or damages Taser International will replace it for FREE if it was used in self defense and a police report was filed! Available in 6 colors.

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