Thursday, May 24, 2012

Use a Pager for Self Defense!

How can a pager be used for self defense against an attacker? That's the beauty of this powerful, yet indiscreet weapon. You see, it's not really a pager, but rather a uniquely disguised pepper spray!

Many people, especially men, don't like to carry pepper spray. They think only women should walk around with it. Well, now men and women can carry this disguised weapon, without anyone knowing that it's a self defense spray. The Pepper Spray Pager provides protection, yet looks very professional when clipped on a belt or the side of a purse, briefcase or backpack. This self defense weapon actually has dual canisters of 15%, not just 10%, of hot pepper concentration! That is 2 canisters for twice the power and twice the reliability of stopping an attacker. The police strength formula, will temporarily blind the attacker, because their eyes will burn so much, that they will have to close them. The attacker will also be constantly coughing, have difficulty breathing and their face will feel like it's on fire! While they are going through all this agony, you will have the opportunity to escape.

The disguised Pepper Spray Pager, shoots a unique splatter cone pattern, that can reach up to 8 to 10 feet. It also contains 10 to 12 bursts that will immobilize a person for 45 minutes. Plus, it also has a safety switch, to prevent it from accidentally shooting. All you have to do is spray and run!

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