Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Stunning Lipstick That Protects Women

Photo by Maxime Guilbot

Now, you might ask, how can a lipstick protect me? The answer is, this is no ordinary lipstick, this is a personal safety device. It contains 950,000 volts of protection, disguised as a cosmetic item!

The Lipstick Stun Gun has been around now, for about 1 year and is one of our best sellers. Women like it because, it doesn't look like a weapon and they can take an aggressor by surprise if he gets too close for comfort. The beauty of this personal safety Lipstick Stun Gun, is that no one expects it to be a debilitating weapon which gives women the power to defend themselves and escape from harms way. You can simply take it out of your purse and pretend you want to touch up your lips or spray yourself with perfume, but instead, press it against someone who you think is going to hurt you. You can shock them anywhere on their body, but the best part to do this is in their neck!

The Lipstick Stun Gun also has a disable wrist strap pin. If you wrap the strap around your wrist and someone takes the item from you, the stun gun will not work because the wrist strap pin was taken out. This is a wonderful feature, that prevents someone from using the weapon against you! Another great feature this personal safety device has is that it's rechargeable. No need to ever buy batteries for it! Plus, last, but not least, it also has an LED flashlight and a holster, for you gals who don't like to carry a purse!

The perfect personal safety solution, subtle, yet powerful and with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! What else could us women possibly ask for?

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