Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loose Neighborhood Dogs

Photo by Jan Tik
Are loose canines around your neighborhood, driving you nuts? This is a very common problem between neighbors who let their aggressive dogs loose and the neighbors that are afraid of them.

Most all neighborhoods in our country have a leash law that prohibits pets from walking around without a leash. This also includes people who have their canines walk next to them, but without a leash. Unfortunately, many people still don't obey the law, when it comes to their pet. This is when having the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with flashing strobe, is your best bet to keep you and your family safe! It has a very high pitched sound that humans can't hear, but canines can. It's a discomforting sound to dogs, which will make them go away, but it won't harm them. This convenient device also has a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds a canine, if you aim it at their eyes.

Most people in neighborhoods love pets, but lets face it, canines can sometimes be unpredictable. They will bite you for a piece of food, an unexpected move, a child playing around them too much, etc. People sometimes will walk their dog on a leash and encounter an aggressive mutt, that want's to attack their leashed dog... Well you get the picture! Having the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with you is the perfect solution when you are alone or walking your pet.

The sound of the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with flashing LED strobe, can be heard by an aggressive canine from up to 40 feet away. This will give you peace of mind, plus the neighbors will remain neighborly... By the way, its great for bikers too!

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