Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 18% Pepper Spray Concentration are Here!

If you want an attacker to scream for mercy and become helpless when you spray them with pepper spray, this is the product you should buy. Our newest self defense weapon, the 18% have arrived!

These hot, 18 percent, little devils come in 6 colors: blue, purple, red, lavender, yellow and black. A weapon that you can't do without. Just transfer all your keys on the key ring and get instant self defense, if someone is coming toward you with bad intentions!

The specs on these are obviously, 18% pepper spray concentration, versus 10% that regular pepper spray comes in. Just like our other sprays, they also contain UV dye, that invisibly marks an attacker and helps police identify them, if captured. These 18 percent babies can reach a distance of 5-7 feet and also have the convenient key ring and belt clip.

Remember 18%, when you think about your future weapon for self defense, because the percent matters!
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