Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorial Day Safety for Women and Children

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The weather is finally getting warmer and Memorial Day is next Monday, announcing that Summer is just around the corner. Many of you are planning barbecues, parties or nightclub dancing for the extended weekend! As usual, we at WomenOnGuard, have our concerns regarding your safety during the festivities. Below are safety tips to think about.

First of all, if you are a mother of a small child or simply taking children with you to a barbecue or party this Memorial Day, keep the following in mind. Don't let them out of your site, especially if you don't know who some people are. Second, never let a toddler eat a whole hot dog, please cut it into small pieces before giving it to them. Many small children die of suffocation each year, do to hot dogs getting stuck in their throats! Also keep them away from the hot grill! Third, if there is a swimming pool at the barbecue, please focus and be watchful of all the kids in it. The above are the most common ways children can get into life threatening situations, but there are many more...

Party gatherings or nightclubbing will be everywhere on Memorial Day weekend. Here is where women are most of the time, victims of predators. Remember that a predator can also be someone you already know! Date rape drugs, run rampant at nightclubs and parties. Join the smart women and know the ropes, on how to party with safety in mind! Never drink from an open container that you personally didn't see it opened in front of you. Never drink from punch bowls. When you order a snack or dinner, make sure you tell the server to bring the beverage unopened. Another important thing for women to remember is to always introduce a person you met to your friends. Point out some specific features about the person, besides their full name. For example, aren't his blue eyes beautiful? Or, isn't that tattoo interesting? Point out things to your friends that they will be able to remember. This is in case you disappear afterwards and police want descriptions! Last but not least, never drive off with someone you just met at a nightclub, ever!

In general, try to practice common sense... Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and don't drink and drive!

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