Friday, May 18, 2012

Powerful Protection from Home and Business Intruders

Photo by le dieu

Having issues with trespassers? Tired of dealing with gangs hanging around your property? If you are serious about protecting your home or business from crime, but don't like the word lethal, this is the defense weapon for you!

Here is the solution to your intruder problems, the Pepper Spray 18%, 1 lb. Pistol Grip! The 18% stands for the concentration of pepper in it. Most defense sprays have only 10%, making this almost twice as hot as other similar products. It was designed for police use and now it's available to civilians for crime prevention! Use this non lethal weapon to protect against home, or property intrusion. It can reach an incredible distance of up to 30 feet, which means it's protection at a distance. No need to be close up and personal!

This weapon has approximately 75 bursts of 18% pepper spray that will, when reaching someone's face, cause temporary blindness! Temporary, because it will burn their eyes so bad, that they will have to slam them shut! It will also make them cough, choke and feel nauseous for up to 45 minutes. This one pounder, crime defense product, has so much of the hot solution that you would have enough to shoot at not just one but several business trespassers or home intruders! The Pepper Spray 18%, 1 lb. Pistol Grip also has a UV dye. This helps police identify the home intruders or business trespassers, if captured. PLUS it is certified by the same independent laboratory (Chromtec LLC) that is used by pepper spray manufacturers and the US government for over 40 years.

The pistol grip is convenient and built solid, with grooves to prevent it from slipping through your fingers. Plus it also helps with aiming! It has a safety clip to prevent from accidental spraying too.

So, next time you encounter dangerous crime, be prepared and protect yourself, your home or your business property with this non lethal weapon!

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