Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beauty of Women's Self Defense

When you hear about self defense, you normally don't think of it as fashionable or see the beauty in it. But in this case both of these thoughts come together perfectly!

WomenOnGuard has added a new item in our package deals category. It consists of 3 products from our website; the Perfume Stun Gun, the Perfume Pepper Spray and the Hair Brush Diversion Safe. All 3 items at a reduced price! We call it the "Women's Self Defense Package"

As we all know, us women like to stay fashionable and beauty is on our priority list when it comes to the things we carry in our purse. Pulling out a sleek, perfume container is the norm for us. This normally doesn't cause concern to people around us, but it can come in handy when you feel physically threatened! This is the beauty of carrying a disguised, fashionable, pepper spray or stun gun. People and specifically, a potential attacker, will not expect the object to be a self defense weapon. These two items go hand in hand... Carry pepper spray in your purse for protection at a distance and carry the stun gun, for up close contact protection.

The other item included in this package for women, is the hair brush safe. You can actually use it and at the same time it serves as a hidden safe. You can hide valuables, such as jewelry or money in the brush end. Just place it on your bedroom dresser and people will never know that it's really a disguised or diversion safe! But make sure that the items inside of it don't move, by adding some cotton or something. You don't want someone to pick the hair brush up and notice that it has something rolling around inside of it!

As always, feel free to email us or call us with any questions concerning our products.

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