Monday, May 23, 2011

Pennsylvania Man commits suicide and takes his wife and 2 daughters with him.

Here we go again, another LOOSER, this time in Pennsylvania, that feels he has to take his entire family with him! Some people say that men that kill their families and commit suicide, do it because they don't want their family to suffer economically in this cruel world... This is far from the truth. These men are just weak. They can't take what life throws at them and just give up and drag their family in with them. They are not only weak but also have big egos, to think that they are the only ones that can take care of their family. They assume that their wives cannot get help or are not capable of taking matters into her own hands, if need be.

This trend has got to stop! We no longer live in a patriarchal society. Women and children shouldn't be put to death, just because the husband is having a tough time. When was the last time you heard of a woman taking her husband and children's lives, just because she thought there was no future for them? This mentality is very archaic and has no place in today's society. Entire families do not have to die, because one of them is weak and has a huge ego.

Read MSNBC article here. Mind you, this is not the only article about this subject, this month and of course, it doesn't just occur in Pennsylvania! This is an on going problem that has been going on for too long, and must be stopped.
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