Monday, April 27, 2015

Are You On A Budget But Still Need Home Security?

If you are on a budget, there’s no need to get an expensive home security system and pay on a monthly basis, when you can purchase affordable, small individual units and place them where you need them.
Simply place a few affordable Mini Door and Window Alarms 4 Pack with chime, where you need them. These battery operated units will save you thousands of dollars! They work the same way a home security alarms works, but without breaking the bank! Each unit is independent from each other. If for example, someone opens a window, only the unit attached to that particular area will go off. This applies to entrances, as well.

Each Mini home security unit has a 90dB alarm, that will sound, if an intruder opens a door or window. Intruders will flee, if they hear it go off! If you prefer to open a window to allow fresh air, simply slide the on/off switch to off. It's that easy... These affordable Mini units are also convenient to place on sliding doors and medicine cabinets.

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