Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mace Foam Pepper Spray Expands 400 Percent On An Attacker’s Face!

Even when you can’t aim good, shooting this foam at a rapist or criminal, will stop them on their tracks. You see, when this sticky substance expands 400 percent and reaches them, it immediately covers their face.

This unit called the Mace Foam Pepper Spray, is perfect for women’s self defense. It’s a must have if you work outside your home, are a student, night owl or simply have many errands. Don’t go out without some sort of protection. Unfortunately women are victims of rapists or criminals way too often in our society.

The Mace Foam Pepper Spray for women’s self defense expands 400 percent on a rapist or criminal’s face! Best place to aim is at their eyes. When the thick substance reaches them and expands 400 percent, they will feel like their face and eyes are on fire! Therefore, they will have to shut their eyes from all the pain, temporarily blinding them… This gives you an opportunity to escape safely! This Mace unit is perfect for self defense. It can reach 6 to 10 feet away and contains approximately 15 bursts! As other pepper spray units, it also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that helps authorities identify the rapist or criminal, if they are captured.

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