Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Powerful And Convenient Stun Gun, Disguised As A Smart Phone For Self Defense!

This unit is basically a disguised self defense weapon that really is a 6 Million Volts stun gun. Nobody, including a potential attacker, will think otherwise!

Ladies, when you are on a date with a stranger and it starts getting a little wierd or dangerous, you can always pull out this unit and say to him that you had forgotten to make a quick phone call. Once the unit is out, simply move the safety switch to on and hit the activation button while touching him. Keep touching him until he drops to the ground and becomes mentally confused! Then leave the scene as soon as possible and don’t look back.

The Smart Phone Stun Gun 6 Million Volts in Pink or Black, is totally unexpected by an attacker, because most everyone has a phone with them at all times… This disguised self defense weapon is slim, only measures 4 1/2” tall by 1/2” thick! Very easy to put in a pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack. The unit also has a convenient LED flashlight that can also be shined into an attacker’s eyes and disorient him! This Smart Phone Stun Gun 6 Million Volts also includes a disable pin wrist strap. The disable wrist strap renders the unit inoperable, if an attacker pulls it from you. It also comes with a flat head disable plug, if you prefer not to use a disable feature… Furthermore, it includes an attractive Deluxe Holster with a clip. Plus, unlike other units that we sell, this product also includes an AC Adapter for charging, which lets you know by showing a green light, when the unit is fully charged.

As usual in our store, this disguised self defense smart phone weapon, has a Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturer’s defect!

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