Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stun Master Stun Gun With 12 Million Volts And 9 Colors Or Patterns To Choose From!

We did not want to overwhelm you with so many choices to pick from… But heck, people have different tastes and why not just show the entire selection from Stun Master?

A self defense weapon for women or men with 12 million volts, is nothing to laugh about! This unit contains serious take down power, but it's non lethal. It will drop a person to the ground, giving you enough time to escape safely. A stun gun requires touching a criminal with the unit. You should keep touching the attacker until they drop to the ground and become confused and helpless. The effect is temporary, so leave immediately… These units are perfect for women, because they don't need powerful muscles for self defense anymore!

The Stun Master Stun Gun Snake Skin 12 Million Volts, is just one out of 9 color options to choose from. These easy to use by women stun guns, not only have 12 million volts for self defense, they also have a large LED 120 lumens flashlight, rubberized exterior that prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers, heavy duty prongs that won’t break and a cool built-in charger that just plugs directly into a wall socket! Plus, these Stun Master units also include a free black nylon holster or if you prefer, a leatherette holster with matching color, sold separately.

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