Thursday, April 9, 2015

High Heel Shoes Horror, Still Exists In Our Country!

Maybe it's because our American society still advertises high heels for women… How soon we forget the horrors of the ancient Japanese society and their issues with painful footwear! 

Yet American women are still injuring their feet. Not with tiny shoes like the ancient Japanese, but by wearing high heels instead! In our country, podiatrist's or foot doctors are making a killing fixing distorted and painful women’s feet. Years of wearing high heels in our society has taken a toll on our ability for us ladies to walk comfortably. The pain is so bad, that women have to go through surgery to fix their feet and in some cases the ankle is also compromised along with their lower back, as well. Wonder where that lower back pain came from? Why are ladies torturing themselves? What will that significant other think, when they see what your feet look like, when you’re barefoot?

American women should start a revolution against high heels! High heel shoes are not only painful and disfiguring but also dangerous to walk in. Our society needs to forget those antiquated, uncomfortable and dangerous high heel shoes and convince the younger female generation to be smart and avoid injuring their feet!

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