Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TASER C2 Features You May Not Know About

Most people don't realize that the Taser C2 has extra features advertisers aren't mentioning. Knowing about these features might make a big difference when choosing a self defense product. Read about them below.

  • You don't need to have a special permit to carry a Taser C2 in most states, like you would a gun. The only thing you have to do is pass a felony background check which takes approximately 10 minutes. This is done by going to Taser International's website or calling them on the phone. The Taser C2 comes in an inactive state. Registering it with Taser International will activate it.
  • The Taser C2 can be placed on the ground by itself and still continue to shock an attacker for 30 seconds, while you make your escape. This is an an excellent self defense feature.
  • If by any chance you get attacked by an assailant and you use the Taser in self defense and it is stolen or damaged, Taser International will replace the unit, free of charge. All you have to do is file a police report and send a copy to Taser International.
  • Any time a Taser C2 cartridge is deployed, 20-30 serialized paper confetti tags are discharged. These are actually part of an Anti-Felon Identification System. This system lets police know who the actual owner of the Taser is.
  • The Taser C2 has stun gun backup. This means that if you have discharged a cartridge on an attacker and another attacker approaches, you can simply touch them with the tip of the Taser, and they will also get shocked. No need to insert an extra cartridge.
  • The unit also has an integrated LED light. This light automatically comes on when you open the safety cover. Perfect for night use.
  • Taser C2s come with an optional Laser Sight. All models have them except for the black colored units, which can be purchased with or without the Laser Sight. Laser Sight facilitates aiming. Just place the red dot where you want to shoot.
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