Monday, June 21, 2010

Anti Rape Condom with Teeth!

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers from South Africa came out with an invention that is sure to stop a rapist! She came up with the idea because she helped a rape victim 40 years ago and counseled her. The victim had told her: "If only I had teeth down there!" This led to the invention of the Rape-aXe Female Condom, invented in South Africa. South Africa is known to have very high rape figures.

The Rape-aXe Female Condom is made of latex and fits into a woman's vagina, much like a tampon would. It has barbed spines inside of it and any intruder would be in terrible pain. The rapist would have to have it surgically removed. He would need to go to the hospital and of course a police report would be filed against him! It is important to add, that the device will not hurt the woman and if any blood is spilled, it would stay within the condom. Also the rapist would not have permanent damage, but he might acquire permanent scars.

Women On Guard has contacted the inventor to get information about possibly selling Rape-aXe on our website. For more information about this new anti rape product, click here.
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