Friday, June 11, 2010

Student's sexual assault awareness t-shirts confiscated by Principal

A few students recently hand made some t-shirts expressing that sexual assault was wrong. The students wore their t-shirts to school, just like any other shirts kids wear for a good cause. Well, that didn't sit right with the Acting Associate Principal of Mosinee High School in Mosinee, WI!

Below is a quote by the Associate Principal:
"I’m all for educating students on this topic, but I think it should be done during the month of awareness using pamphlets and fliers from an established organization. That would add some substance to the cause." (as quoted in the Wausau Daily Herald)

The student's t-shirts were confiscated by the Principal and they were told by him that they would get their t-shirts back, on the last day of school.

Lets analyze this for a moment. According to this mentality, we are only to wear breast cancer t-shirts in October, or no drunk driving t-shirts in December? Do women only get breast cancer in October? Do drunk drivers only drive in December? We know that every 2 seconds, someone in this country gets sexually assaulted! Most t-shirts have statements on them. That is why we like wearing them... It's not like these student's shirts contain pornographic images!

The only time this behavior from a Principal would be acceptable, is if the school was private and it had a policy whereas students were required to wear uniforms.
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