Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stunning Lipstick For Women's Self Defense

Stunning, not just because it's attractive, but also because it's a disguised lipstick stun gun. Defend yourself with 950,000 volts, of take down power!

Self defense stun gun, disguised as a lipstick, is perfect for women's safety.This tiny disguised weapon for women only measures 3 3/4" tall. It's perfect for self defense and fits right in your purse or pocket. The small weapon has 950,000 volts and just touching a someone with this stun gun, will take them down.

The Lipstick Stun Gun 950,000 volts Flashlight also includes an LED flashlight and a disable pin. The disable pin wrist strap, should be placed on your wrist. If an attacker tries to get it from you, this strap will remain on your wrist and the unit will be rendered useless. The attacker won't be able to use it against you, if the wrist strap is not attached to the unit. Definitely a feature that really helps women during self defense! Another feature this little lipstick has is that it's rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries, ever... Plus, it has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defect!

Slick and attractive self defense lipstick stun gun for women. The perfect disguised weapon to take on dates, nightclubs, public transportation or even college.

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