Thursday, September 12, 2013

Convenient Pepper Spray With w/Quick Key Release

Self defense with pepper spray, even when it's attached to your car ignition or home door.
Available in
Red, Blue, Pink
and Black
This pepper spray attaches to your keys and can be used, even when your keys are attached to a door knob or car ignition!

Pepper spray usually doesn't come with a quick key release. Manufacturers usually add a key ring and that's about it. But this particular Pepper Spray w/ Quick Key Release 1/2 oz, actually comes with one. No need to buy it separately! If your particular unit doesn't have one and you think you might need it, we also sell individual key releases or Break Away Key Rings, as we normally call them, in our store.

As other pepper weapons, this particular self defense unit also has a UV Dye. The UV Dye, invisibly marks an attacker's face when sprayed. If police capture them, proof of the Dye can be seen under a police UV lamp. Therefore, it proves that he or she was up to no good and they will have to suffer the consequences!

This particular self defense unit with quick key release, can reach 8 feet away and contains 5 one second bursts. It's available in red, blue, pink and black.

Please remember to always have your self defense weapon ready to use with the safety off and in your hand, when going through parking lots, alleys or any other potentially dangerous areas.

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