Monday, September 16, 2013

Need To Hide Your Home Keys In Your Yard?

It happens to all of us, we lock our home door while stepping out and when we come back, we've either misplaced the keys or left them inside!

Keep an extra set of keys hidden in your lawn inside a disguised sprinkler head, for lock out emergencies.
Thats when we decide that we need a convenient door key outside our home for emergencies. The problem with that is; where do we hide it? Plus, will we remember where we hid it for the next emergency lockout?

If you live in a home with a sprinkler system, we have the perfect convenient solution for hiding your keys outdoors. It's called the Sprinkler Key Hider! Basically it's disguised like your typical sprinkler head but it has an ample size hidden compartment inside of it, to hide your key and any other small item you might want to hide. This disguised hidden compartment is bug and water proof, so it won't get all muddied or dirty inside. You simply twist the top counterclockwise to open the hidden compartment and clockwise to close it up!

This disguised product to hide small items, is easy and convenient to place anywhere in your lawn. Just make a small hole and press it in. It can be opened or closed while still in the ground. The screwed on lid makes it easy to open and it's moisture and dirt resistant.

No more worries when you get locked out of your home! Buy a couple of these hiders, for your front and back yard entrances!

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