Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Small And Simple To Use Personal Alarm

Tiny personal panic alarm for self defense is affordable, only $9.95
Life is full of complicated things. But when something comes around for self defense, that is simple to use, affordable and may someday save your life, it's definitely a keeper!

This small unit is just one of these simple things. It's called the Black Personal Panic Alarm and it's affordable, only costs $8.95! We weren't kidding about how easy this self defense unit is to use, either… All you would have to do when confronted with danger, is grab the unit tightly! Just squeezing the sides of it will sound off the alarm. One quick action does 2 things; gets ahold of the unit and sets off an 85 dB alarm that others near you will hear. In a way its an instinctual move because when we get nervous, or feel threatened, we usually squeeze or tighten our fists. Turning it off is also easy, just press the gray button.

This affordable, simple self defense personal unit that only costs $8.95, also includes a small LED flashlight for easy seeing at night and a loop to attach your keyring. Plus, it has a metal clip on the back, if you wish to attach it to your purse or clothes. The small unit only measures 1 5/8" wide by 1/2" thick and 3" tall! Batteries are included and protected with a plastic tab when you receive this Black Personal Panic Alarm. Simply pull the tab out of your unit and it's ready for use!

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