Thursday, September 19, 2013

Appearances Are NOT Deceiving!

How would you like it if someone pointed this impressive self defense stun gun at you? It's very intimidating to look at, but looks aren't the only quality this unique weapon has to offer…

The Zap Double Trouble stun gun for self defense, has 1.2 million powerful volts.
This Zap Double Trouble Stun Gun, only measure 6 inches wide and includes 1.2 Million volts of self defense power. As you can tell, it's also very ergonomic, fits very comfortably in your hand. The unit is so well made that they even thought of adding a rubber surface to the entire unit. This prevents it from slipping from your fingers. Plus, the distance between both intimidating stunning areas, allow for even more electrical flow, into an attacker's body!

Only touching a person with this Zap Double Trouble weapon can knock them down to the ground and render them helpless and mentally confused or dazed. You can either let them fall to the ground on their own or help them not brake a bone! It includes a safety switch and a red LED light to indicate that the unit is on. It only weighs 6.9 ounces, has a hand strap and a FREE nylon carry case. Of course, you can place it in your purse, as well! This unique and intimidating weapon uses 3 lithium batteries, that are included.

As all our self defense stun guns, the Zap Double Trouble unit includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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