Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Streetwise Soft Case Pepper Spray, Make A Fashion Statement With Any Wardrobe

These beauties for women are not just handy against crime, they also are an accessory for your Haute Couture. Us women can defend ourselves while still making a fashion statement!

Non lethal personal protection weapon for women against crime in pepper spray form.
Streetwise Pepper Spray for women, in 7 fashionable colors.
They come in 7 different colors that you can combine with your wardrobe; red, purple, blue, black, pink, denim, and pink camo. You can attache them to your keychain, purse, belt or simply insert them in your briefcase or backpack. But remember, always have them out and ready to use, when confronted with those un-welcomed moves… If you know what I mean?!

Now, lets get to the serious reason for carrying one of these self defense weapons. They are called the Pepper Spray Softcase 1/2 oz 18%. The 18% describes the percentage of the hot substance they contain. Most products in the market only carry 10%. This makes these units, almost twice as hot and unbearable as others! These fashionable accessory items can reach 5 to 7 feet away and each unit contains 6 shots.

When using this fashion statement accessory, you should aim, mostly into the eyes of an attacker. The hot solution will make their face burn like hell! It will also make their eyes cry and render them temporarily blind. This is due to having to close their eyes because of all the pain. But remember, these effects are only temporary and you should get away as soon as possible. These soft case pepper spray also include an invisible UV Dye, that police will be able to see with a special lamp. The Dye, will prove to officials, that they captured the right individual.

So, why not use a pepper spray self defense weapon that makes a fashion statement, yet protects you against crime? These particular additions to your wardrobe, will never go out of style. Women have been using them as self defense weapons for decades and so should you!

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