Thursday, September 26, 2013

Need An Affordable Personal Alarm?

Do your kids play away from you, in parks instead of a backyard? Do you exercise outdoors and need some easy self defense item to alert others if you get into some kind of trouble?

Mace Emergency Whistle has a 120 dB sound, to alert others that you are in danger or need assistance.
Then you might be interested in our most affordable personal alarm; the Mace Emergency Whistle. No need for batteries and usable for years to come! This basic self defense item, not only lets others know that you are in trouble with it's distinguishable 120 dB sound, but it's also incredibly light! It's so light, you won't even feel you are wearing it. The Mace Emergency Whistle, only costs $4.95 and is made with tough plastic that also includes an adjustable strap and belt clip.

This affordable personal alarm is perfect for your self defense, to alert others of your situation but it's also great for other uses. Giving your kids a personal alarm, empowers them to contact you, if they are confronted with danger or are hurt. It's also convenient for senior citizens. Especially if they are bed ridden and need your assistance. College students can also benefit from having one of these too! All college girls, especially, need some sort of alarm and with tuitions so high, this whistle would be an affordable and handy self defense item. College security would also be able to hear it's cry for help! The Mace Emergency Whistle is simple and effective.

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