Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do You Want Pepper Spray That Is More Than Twice As Strong As Others?

23% pepper spray concentration, versus others that only have 10%.Most pepper spray out there have 10% of the hot substance, but at WomenOnGuard, we have one that is more powerful and has 23%!

The pain it inflicts is unimaginable… Any woman will feel confident carrying this self defense item called the Police Strength Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2. It's a Streetwise brand. This brand has been around since 1990.

Women are too often the victims of sexual assault. Yes this barbaric act is still a HUGE problem in our society and all around the world. So, of course, us women have really no alternative than to always be prepared for the unexpected, which happens way too often. In fact RAINN declares that a person gets sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in the USA! I say a person, because even if there are a few amount, men also can be attacked (sexually or in other ways). Needless to say, men should carry some sort of protection in our country, as well.

23% Police Strength Pepper Spray Features
Stronger, 87% hotter solution
Safety lock prevents accidental discharge
Ridged grip hard case is easy to hold
Reaches 5-7 feet
Contains approximately 6 bursts
Handy key ring and belt clip
Incapacitates for 45 minutes
UV Dye to help police identify an attacker

The news doesn't mention women sexual assaults as much as they should. Unfortunately, it is too common of an occurrence! Unless of course the victim was so gruesomely raped that the news stations will get better ratings if they did cover the sexual assault!

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