Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pepper Spray Information You Should Know About

How well do you know your pepper spray? Many women use them but really aren't aware of some important information regarding their self defense unit!
Hard case pepper spray expiration date is under the unit when you pull the key ring out.
We made a list for women of 7 things that are considered important when you own and use your defense unit.

  1. When getting a new unit for the first time, test it's functionality by discharging it once. If it's your basic defense product, you should see a thin liquid stream come out. If it's a fogger, the discharge will look like an aerosol spray. Foams and gels should look like a thicker stream.
  2. Check the expiration date. Most units have them on the bottom of the canister. If you have a hard case around it, pulling the key ring from beneath it, will open it and expose the date. If you have a soft case, simply take it out of the case from the top.
  3. Get used to the shape of your unit. Make sure you know how it feels in your hand when you are pointing it away from you. This is very important, especially if you ever need to use it when it's dark out.
  4. Keep it handy in your purse or backpack. Hard case units usually have belt clips. Best thing, is to have it ready to fire, before you enter an area you might feel could be dangerous. Such as a parking garage, alley or closed-in stairway.
  5. Never leave your defense unit in an area hotter than 120℉. The unit can start to leak. Also never leave it in an extremely cold environment because it might cause depressurization and it won't discharge.
    Soft case pepper spray expiration date is under the unit when you pull the key ring out.
  6. How much do you have left? Sometimes us women have used the weapon for self protection a couple of times but don't know how much we have left. It's simple to find out… Just place the canister UPSIDE DOWN on a large flat bottom glass, that's at least 5 inches tall. The unit will sink to the bottom if it still contains 50% of pepper spray. Now, place the unit UPRIGHT on top of the water and let it float on it's own, while keeping it steady with your thumb and fore finger. The portion of the canister under the water, is the amount of solution, left in your canister.
  7. Consider buying a Break Away Key Ring for protection. Attaching one to your pepper unit, will allow you to use it, even if it's also attached to other things. For example your keys and your unit, might be attached to your car ignition or your apartment door. Having a Break Away Key Ring, would allow you to unfasten your unit quickly and use it, while still having your keys attached to the door or ignition.
We hope all the information above was helpful to you! If not, please feel free to Contact Us!

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