Friday, September 27, 2013

Cover All Your Self Defense Needs!

When you go to our store, do you sometimes purchase more than one item? Well, it might be worth your while to check out our package deals…

Personal protection products for women.
Many customers don't realize that they can get several weapons from our store, at a reduced price, when they buy a Package Deal that contains 2 or more products!

One of these offers is called the Personal Protection Package. It's one of our most popular ones because it contains four items that women should not go without: Date Rape Drug Test Strips, Pepper Spray 18%, Personal Keychain Alarm w/Light and an 8 Million Volt Stun Gun! To top it off, all our Package Deals are shipped for FREE. So, on top of saving money for the products, you also don't have to pay for shipping!

Direct Links Below:
More info on the Date Rape Drug Test Strips.
More info on the Pepper Spray 18%.
More info on the Personal Keychain Alarm w/Light.
More info on the 8 Million Volt Stun Gun.

As we all know, women are usually the victims of violent crime in our society. One example is date rape. Anything we can do to defend ourselves from that and other crimes, is welcomed. Pepper spray has been around for centuries. Ancient Chinese armies used it. While stun guns, personal alarms and date rape drug test strips are newer items in our society, these too, help women co-exist in our sometimes dangerous cities.

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