Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashionable Police Strength Zebra Pattern Pepper Spray In Soft Cases, For Women's Self Defense

Made for us women that want to keep up with the fashion trends. These stylish pepper spray, accessorize your wardrobe and also keep you from harms way!

Pepper spray for the fashion conscientious woman, with 23% concentration, vs. others that just have 10%.
They are 3 NEW police strength self defense weapons in our store, that contain 23% of the hot substance, rather than 10%, which is what the average units have. They're 87% HOTTER! These units are called the Police Strength Zebra Pepper Spray. The powerful, yet fashion conscience pepper sprays for women, are handy to take to work, college, a nightclub or basically anywhere you go… Plus, unlike other soft case units, these can be used against an attacker, even when the soft case is closed. No need to open or take it out of the case, if you need to shoot it! They are stylish and convenient, as well.

Self Defense Features:
• Sprays from inside the case
• Reaches 5-7 feet away
• Contains approximately 6 bursts
• Incapacitates for 45 minutes
• Safety lock
• Convenient key ring
• Convenient key clip
• UV Invisible Marking Dye

The stylish police strength self defense units for women or men, come in 3 Zebra color combinations: pink/white, pink/black and gold/black. The stripes are raised and feel like a velvety material. Besides having your regular key ring, the weapon also includes a key clip that you can attach to a blouse, skirt or purse. It also has a fashionable and attractive, textured button that keeps the case closed. They also make great gifts!

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