Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Children Are Victims Of Gun Deaths In Our Society, Than What Is Reported

A recent report by the New York Times, mentioned that more children are victims of gun accidents, than we thought in our society.

Young child using a lethal firearm with the encouragement of his father.
Photo by Yahoo News 
It's not because the deaths of these children by guns, were not reported. It's because they were mentioned along with adult victims. In other words, instead of police reporting an incident as an "accident", it was reported as a homicide. So those children in the homicide category, are counted as adults! Leaving fewer "accidental" child killings for the record.

Another interesting thing regarding these deaths, was that most of the shootings were done by boys in our society. Plus, 80% of the victims were boys.

I wonder if boys are attracted to guns, because of video games, movies or even perhaps peer pressure from other boys, men or their fathers. Our country should encourage boys to focus on more productive and less violent ways, to contribute to our society! Maybe then, there will be fewer deaths of any age group in our society.

Source: Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News

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