Friday, October 4, 2013

Help Fight Breast Cancer With Non-Lethal Weapons From

Through the first part of Breast Cancer Month, we will focus on 13 products we sell, for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight the disease.

#3:  Keychain Stun Gun Pink 5 Million Volts Rechargeable

Small keychain stun gun with 5 million volts for women, is rechargeable, has an LED flashlight, holster and a lifetime warranty.
Finally a stun gun that is so small, us women can attach it to a keychain! But just in case, it also includes a holster that you can hang on your belt, skirt or purse. Now, just because it's small, doesn't mean it isn't a powerful weapon for women… This Keychain Stun Gun in pink, has 5 Million Volts of personal self defense power for women! Just setting it off in the air, will scare anyone away. Touching an attacker with it for 3 or so seconds, will make them loose their balance, drop to the ground and be in a mental daze! That's when you need to simply escape and not look back. Plus, lets' not forget that proceeds go to fight Breast Cancer! See features below.

• 5 Million Volts of incredible power
• Rechargeable, directly plugs into wall
• Rubberized exterior, prevents slipping from hand
• LED flashlight for night visibility
• Safety switch, prevents accidental discharge
• Small, it can be hidden in your hand or pocket
• Holster with belt clip and added key ring
• Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defect
• Proceeds go toward fighting Breast Cancer

I personally use this stun gun for self defense, when I brisk walk in the mornings. I place the unit in my right hand and march off, while raising my arms! The unit is so small, nobody can see that I have a hidden stun gun in my hand! All that has to be done, is move the safety button and press another. They will either scare away or drop to the ground… So, watch out sick minded perverts!

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