Thursday, October 17, 2013

Help Fight Breast Cancer With Non-Lethal Weapons From

Through the first part of Breast Cancer Month, we will focus on 13 products we sell, for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight the disease.

#11:  College Self Defense Package 

Women need a college self defense package with a mace alarm and pepper spray pen, that also writes, plus an 8 million volt stun gun.
There's no doubt that college campuses are having issues with crime for the past few years… Furthermore, women in particular, are targeted more, due to us being the weaker sex. Sexual assaults in colleges are more frequent than in other parts of our country.

This is why we came up with the College Self Defense Package. It includes 3 self defense products. Purchasing this package, also helps patients with Breast Cancer. Please read the details about each one of the products included in the package below:

Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm: This personal unit has a 130 dB alarm (loudest allowed for civilians), LED flashlight and a strobe flashing light that can be used for emergencies. It includes some accessories that enables it to work as a door or window alarm, as well.

Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender: This is perfect for a student. It actually writes and offers self defense for a student, as a pepper spray, non lethal weapon. It contains 6 shots and can reach 5 feet away. PLUS, this pen can be refilled with pepper spray, so that you don't have to buy another pen again!

Strongest Stun Gun: This pink stun gun has an impressive 8 million volts! It's rubberized, so it won't slip from your hand, includes an LED light, built in charger and a disable pin. The stun gun also includes a holster and carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Proceeds from this unit, goes to Breast Cancer research.

A wonderful package for personal protection that also helps to fight Breast Cancer!

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