Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Help Fight Breast Cancer With Non-Lethal Weapons From WomenOnGuard.com

Through the first part of Breast Cancer Month, we will focus on 13 products we sell, for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight the disease.

#9:  Personal Panic Alarm Pink 

Women who live in cities and attend college, should carry this pink personal panic alarm, to notify others of an emergency.
One of the most unique items in our store is an alarm that sounds out, while you squeeze it in your hand. It utilizes our natural instincts, because when we are in a dangerous situation, we tend to squeeze our fists tight!

This Personal Panic Alarm Pink for women, has a rubbery bumper on each side of the unit. When squeezed, it sets off an 85 dB blare or loud sound. This lets others around you, know that you are in some sort of danger. The pink item is tiny, just measures 3 inches tall by 1 5/8 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick! The unit includes a metal clip on the back to hang on a pocket, pants or women's purse. The front of this personal panic item also has a convenient LED light for using during the night. It includes a loop, so that you can conveniently add it to your keychain, as well… Plus, don't forget, it also helps patients, with Breast Cancer!

If you live in a city where it's prohibited to use pepper spray or any other sort of weapon, this Personal Panic Alarm Pink, is perfect for emergency situations. If you live on a college campus and carry this unit, campus police will be able to hear your cry for help. In fact most colleges encourage women to carry units like this.

Protect yourself and help Breast Cancer patients, all at the same time!

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