Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have Absolute Privacy With The Door Jammer!

Perfect for those occasions when you need some privacy or if you are leery of home intruders. This small, yet sturdy tool, is great for hotel rooms, college dorms or to use at home.

Prevent intruders from barging into your hotel room, college dorm or even your home, with this great tool, called the Door Jammer!
It's a strong little item that offers protection from intruders, whether they are family or strangers. It's very convenient to have when you travel, as well, because it brings peace of mind that a thief or for that matter, a hotel maid won't intrude on your privacy. This Door Jammer is also very convenient for students that live in college dorms.

The Door Jammer only weighs 8 oz and measures 4 3/4" tall by 2 3/4" wide, no taller than a cell phone... But don't let what it weighs and it's size, fool you into thinking it isn't strong or reliable! It's rubber coating that goes against the door, bottom of it and under the stopper, prevents it from sliding. Making it impossible to open any entrance! It works perfectly on wood, tile, carpet or any other type of flooring. But keep in mind that it can only be used on entrances that have at least 1/8" gap, under the door! Beware, some exterior doors don't have a gap under them. This Jammer will most likely not work for example, if you are in a hotel room that has an exterior entrance.

This tool is small enough to put it in your purse, briefcase or backpack. It's simple to place under a door and adjust. You can also remove it very quickly, in case of an emergency. Perfect for college dorms, hotel rooms or just at home, when you need more privacy!

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