Thursday, October 3, 2013

Help Fight Breast Cancer With Non-Lethal Weapons From

Through the first part of Breast Cancer Month, we will focus on 13 products we sell, for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight the disease.

#2:  Breast Cancer Self Defense Special

Strongest stun gun with powerful features and 18% hardcase pepper spray, include proceeds to fight breast cancer, when purchased.
The two most common weapons that women use for self defense are pepper spray and stun guns. Because these products are usually affordable and easy to carry. This is why, at, we offer a Breast Cancer Self Defense Special. The 2nd offer in our total of 13, who's proceeds help to find the cure for Breast Cancer.

Let's start with the Strongest Pink Stun Gun. When this product is used for personal protection, it delivers 8 million volts of power! Touching someone with it, will eventually drop them to the ground and render them totally helpless. They will have no muscle strength, be confused and be in a dazed mental state, giving you an opportunity to escape from harms way! The Strongest Pink Stun Gun, also has a rubber coating to prevent it from slipping thru your fingers. It's rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries and it includes an LED flashlight. Furthermore, it has a safety switch, disable pin and a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Measures 4" x 2 1/8" x 7/8".

The other self defense weapon in this Special is the Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase 18%. The 18% means the percentage of pepper in the spray. Most other sprays only have 10%! This unit can reach 5-7 feet away and contains 6 shots. It also includes an invisible UV Dye, that marks an attacker. This UV Dye can be seen under special lighting by police if he or she is captured. The unit also includes a handy key ring and a belt clip.

This package includes up close and distance, personal protection options!

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