Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home Protection Just Got Easier With 10 Million Volts

That is if you own one of these! Thanks to new advancements, this non lethal weapon has TRIPLE STUN TECHNOLOGY. This means that there is not just one high voltage sparking arch but 3 of them! Making it a police force baton and a stun gun as well.

Powerful home protection tactical stun baton with 10 million volts, 5 light modes and encased in military grade aluminum.
This new product on our website is sure to turn heads. Not only does it have the latest innovations for this type of self defense unit, but it also has a whopping, 10 Million volts of takedown power! It's perfect for home protection or any other use, such as taking it on an evening stroll with your loved ones, after dinner.

The Police Force Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight 10 Million Volts, not only has the triple sparks and 10 Million Volts, it also is built like a tank! Made with military grade aluminum, that is also textured in squares, to allow for a very firm grip. The stun baton for self defense, includes an incredible blinding 3 watt CREE LED with 5 light modes. This ultra-bright 150 lumen light is not available in other batons, that we are aware of. It can temporarily blind a person if flashed at their eyes. This makes it easier for you to immobilize an attacker or thief with the stun gun or strike them with the baton itself!

Need more details for this home protection unit? Well, the light, as mentioned before, has 5 light modes: maximum, medium and low, along with a strobe light (flashing) and an "SOS" rescue light pattern. The LED bulb itself lasts up to 100,000 hours! This Police Force Tactical weapon measures 13.5 inches long, which offers a nice distance from you and your would be attacker. The stun gun baton also includes a car and wall charger, dual port charger, holster and wrist strap, two 3.7 Volt Li-ion 40000mA rechargeable batteries and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer defect. It can even be used as a glass breaker for car emergencies!

You can't ask for more... The ultimate non lethal, self defense weapon for personal and home protection!

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