Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mace Safety Flasher For Personal Protection

Many of us now a days, are more conscientious of our physical health. We are becoming more active by riding bikes, running or walking on a regular basis.

We know that being active is one of the best things we can do to stay healthy. But as all things, we need to make sure that we practice safety or personal protection. Unfortunately, many of us don't consider how visible we are to others, while we exercise. This is of main concern… So, what's the best thing we should do in order for car drivers to be able to see us?

We all know that wearing bright cloths and staying on the sidewalk or close to the edge of the street is a must! Whether you like to bike, run or walk, it's important for drivers to be absolutely aware of your presence. While exercising outdoors, we need to wear some sort of light flasher accessory. This is when the Mace Safety Flasher, comes into mind! This Mace personal protection light is perfect if you exercise outdoors before sunrise, at dusk or at night. Just place it on your arm with the included arm band and belt clip. Simply turn the unit on and it will start flashing. The Mace Safety Flasher can easily be attached to a bicycle or a backpack, as well!

Some people that prefer to walk, run or bike, feel even more comfortable if they walk or run against the traffic for personal protection. This way, you see who is coming toward you and you can move away, if need be!

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