Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Help Fight Breast Cancer With Non-Lethal Weapons From

Through the first part of Breast Cancer Month, we will focus on 13 products we sell, for which a portion of the proceeds, goes to fight the disease.

#10:  Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18% 

Use this pink pepper spray that's made for women's self defense and also helps towards the cure of Breast Cancer.
Looks can be deceiving when you see this pretty little pink thing for women! But don't let looks alone, determine how powerful it can be for self defense… Most pepper spray in the market today only have 10% of the hot stuff, but this one has 18%! Almost twice the amount of heat. Plus, purchasing one of these babies goes toward finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18% is a serious self defense weapon for women. This particular model can reach 5 to 7 feet away and contains approximately 6 bursts. It also includes a UV Marking Dye that can be used as evidence, to help police arrest an attacker! It also has grooves on it's handle, to prevent slippage and a convenient key ring, as well. A safety switch on the back of the unit, prevents it from spraying accidentally, if you push it with your thumb towards the left.

Remember, pepper sprays don't last for ever! In order to find the expiration date on this particular model, simply pull the key ring out, that is attached to the bottom of the unit. This will expose the canister inside. The expiration date is printed on the canister bottom.

Breast Cancer is a devastating disease that mostly attacks women. Help find a cure for it and at the same time, equip yourself with a powerful self defense weapon that's been around for centuries!

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