Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm

The screeching Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm provides personal protection with an alarm, plus protects your valuables by notifying you or others, if someone is moving or cutting the unit's sensor cord.Mace is one of the best companies for personal safety sprays and home security alarms. A reliable brand that's been around for decades. But did you also know that they make a multipurpose, portable unit that not only offers personal security but can keep your valuables secure, too?

If you need a personal safety alarm or a handy one to protect your valuables, this is the perfect one for you! You can attach the Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm to your purse, backpack or briefcase. If someone pulls it, a 100dB screeching sound goes off. It can also be used to protect items, such as a bicycle. Not only will it sound the alarm if someone tries to pull at the cord, but the sensor also detects if a person tries to cut the cord off, as well! But the most important use for this item, is your personal safety. You can push it's convenient PANIC ALARM BUTTON, if someone is trying to physically hurt you or if you are in an emergency situation!

Another feature this Mace Portable Multipurpose item has, is that it can detect vibration. It includes a sensor which is convenient if you want to use it, for instance, on a door knob. Perhaps you are traveling and staying at a hotel room… This convenient unit, will definitely let you know if someone is entering without your permission! You can also place it on cabinet drawers, footlockers, or even on a laptop. It's 4 digit security code, makes it suitable for many applications.

Multipurpose Features:
• Strong cable lock with vibration sensor
• Detects if cable is cut
• 2" w x 2.5"h x .75"d (not including loop cable)
• Panic button
• 4 Digit security code
• Instant screeching during battery removal
• Low battery indicator

This Mace product is convenient for college students, the handicapped, children and senior citizens, as well.

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