Friday, August 30, 2013

Police Use Tasers, Shouldn't You?

In case you didn't know, citizens can use Taser weapons. Even though citizen units can't reach as far as the police ones… They do reach 15 feet, which is a safe distance from a would be attacker!

They are called, Citizen Tasers and we are going to focus on the least expensive one; the C2. This unit has incredible features and costs less than the average new gun. Best thing about using one is that you don't kill a person in self defense and if they use it against you, you won't be killed either! Besides that, you won't end up in prison for using one! Plus, it has a convenient feature guns don't have: it keeps shocking for 30 seconds while you escape, by placing it on the ground! See more features below:

TASER C2 Self Defense Features
• Non lethal
• 15 Feet reach
• Replaceable cartridge
• Integrated LED light, brightens view
• Laser sight for aiming
• Stun gun backup
• Trigger safety cover
• Automatic shocking for 30 seconds
• Anti-felon ID system
• Magazine good for 50+ firings
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback, won't push you back
• No cleaning dirty gun powder

Plus, if your unit is stolen in a self defense incident, Taser International will replace it for FREE if you file a police report, stating that the unit was stolen!

The BASIC package for a C2 in black is $299.99. It includes: the unit itself, lithium power magazine, laser sight, LED light, 15 feet cartridge, manual and DVD. Shipping is FREE.

The GOLD package, offers 5 other colors, for $399.99, with a rebate. It includes all that the BASIC has, plus: an extra cartridge (total of 2), 1 training cartridge, practice target and a holster. also offers a $25 instant REBATE on the GOLD package, which ends up costing you, $374.99 at our store!

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