Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Compact And Unique Defense Spray

Woman in the city walking along with other pedestrians.
Photo by Jeffrey
It's a unique pepper spray, shaped like no other and simplified, for faster self defense from crime against women!

Ladies, no need to go feeling around for a particular button, the top just spins and you press down. It's that simple. The Pepper Spray Spin Lock 1/2 oz, also has 18% pepper spray concentration, versus other units that just have 10% of the hot solution!

Pepper spray for women's personal protection with UV Dye, to assist police in identifying a criminal.This Spin Lock 18% self defense unit for women or men, is also more compact  than others. It's about 1/4 inch shorter and 1/3 thinner than the average weapons in the market. It contains approximately 6 shots and can reach up to 7 feet away! This unique unit for women, also has an invisible UV marking dye. If an attacker is sprayed by the unit, and police capture him, they will have evidence of your self defense. You see, police will place him under a UV Lamp if he is captured. The dye will show up on his face, affirming evidence that he was sprayed by someone who was acting in self defense.

The Spin Lock's 18% concentration, makes it almost twice as hot as other sprays and a key ring attached to it, helps you keep it handy anywhere you want to go!

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