Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beware Of Bears This Summer If You Go Hiking Or Hunting

There have been an unusual amount of bear attacks this summer. Case in point, Yellowstone National Park, which has seen a 64% rise compared to last year, during the same season.

Photo by ABC News
Bear pepper spray for hikers and huntersThe main reason why there have been more attacks is because late summer is close to hibernation season and these hungry animals are searching for food prior to hibernating. This is when you need to carry Mace Bear Attack Pepper Spray Fogger! Yes, we carry it and if you are going hiking or hunting, you should too!

If you enjoy going hiking or hunting during this season, you need to be prepared for this animal's encounter.  Especially if it's a female with cubs! Carrying protection is a must. The Mace Bear Attack Pepper Spray Fogger can reach up to 30 feet away! Believe you me, you will need the distance from this animal. This product contains 260 grams of the hot substance and empties in about 5.4 seconds.

Authorities recommend that people who go hiking or hunting, should go in groups of at least 3! It's also recommended to be noisy, so the creature steers away from you. You don't want to surprise this animal! Always carry bear pepper spray, when you are in the animal's territory. They defend themselves and their cubs, just like you would, if someone trespassed your front door!

Source: Gillian Mohney, ABC News

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