Friday, August 2, 2013

You Probably Have A Free Home Security Alarm System And You Don't Even Know It!

No, we're not crazy. Most people have a loud enough alarm that their entire neighborhood block can hear, for free. It won't cost you a penny!

Get a free security system by using your car alarm/keys by your nightstand.
Photo by kevinmarsh
You are probably thinking, that is crazy and how can you say such a ludicrous statement? Well it's not crazy, it's true. You have a home security alarm, parked in your driveway and it's free! That's why we mentioned; probably… The only thing that's required is a car… Just utilize it's keys, as an alarm for your home's security. Most automobiles now a days have key alarms when purchased. These standard key units, unlock your car doors and also have a button to set off it's horn.

When you hear a strange sound around your home while you are in bed at night, you can set off your automobile's horn. Just place your keys on your nightstand! Of course, you need to make sure it will work. It depends on the distance your bedroom is from your parked car. But most of the time, the distance isn't an issue, unless you live in a castle! Once you hit that button, the entire neighborhood will awaken and hopefully all the noise, will scare the would be intruder away!
Use your car key alarm to deter burglars, if you think you are having a home intrusion.
Hope this helps some of you that can't afford a home security system. Spread the word and help others know about this free alerting system!
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