Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Starting To Pack For College?

College is just around the corner. While most students and parents are organizing and purchasing all kinds of utensils for the higher education, very few are thinking about self defense or safety.

University students should carry self defense products from Women On Guard.
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First and foremost, self defense should be number one on your priority list! If you or your child, don't feel safe, everything else is just not important. This is why we have 3 Package Deals on our website, that cater to all higher education students.

One of the packages and the one we are focusing on, is the College Self Defense Package. Perfect for roaming around campus, SAFELY! This unique package includes a Mace Sports Strobe Alarm, Mace Pepper Pen Defender and The Strongest Stun Gun with 8 Million Volts!

Each item is perfect for the college atmosphere! The following is some info on the items included.
Self defense products for college students and faculty.

The Sports Strobe Personal Alarm - This item has a 130db alarm, to help campus security know that there's an emergency. It also has a handy door and window accessory that sets the alarm off, if moved, which is great for dorms! Plus it has a flashing strobe light, that can also be used as a flashlight.

Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender - Looks like your average pen, but it shoots pepper spray up to 5 feet away. Plus, it's also a writing pen! Blends right into the college atmosphere and is refillable! No need to purchase another entire unit, if the pepper spray is used up.

Strongest Stun Gun - This weapon has 8 million volts of take down power. The stun gun features; a built in charger (no batteries required), rubberized exterior (for firmer grip), flashlight, disable pin, safety switch, holster, only 4 inches tall and even a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Available in pink or black.

Now, you can get your other necessities... After that, your preparation is considered complete for a college student. Hope the coming season is educational, exciting and safe!

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