Thursday, August 15, 2013

Affordable Weapon's Package For Women's Personal Protection Is Here!

This's package, includes everything you need for everyday living. Contains a Date Rape Drug Test Strips little folder, Streetwise 18% Pepper Spray, Keychain Personal Alarm w/Light and a Small Fry 8 Million Volt Stun Gun!

Personal protection for women at an affordable price, with non lethal self defense products.
We got you covered with this great affordable package. As you know, women are too often victims of crime. Taking your personal safety into your own hands, will offer you more freedom to do what you enjoy best. Be it to go dancing, having an after dinner walk at night or simply just walking through a beautiful park. These activities don't need to be scary. Enjoy your life as you should, with protection from non lethal weapons that prevent crime and are affordable. Read what our Personal Protection Package includes below:

Personal Protection Package
Date Rape Drug Test Strips - Drink at nightclubs safely while preventing date rape. Use these convenient test strips. Includes a total of 10 tests.
18% Pepper Spray Hard Case (choice of colors) - This pepper spray can reach up to 7 feet away and contains 6 shots. Also includes a UV Dye for criminal identification by police. Available in Soft Case as well.
Keychain Alarm w/Flashlight - Small and convenient, 120 decibel personal alarm with keychain ring and LED flashlight.
Black Small Fry 8 Million Volt Stun Gun - Also available in Pink and just as powerful! The stun gun includes built-in charger, rubberized exterior, LED light, disable pin wrist strap, holster and a lifetime warranty.

Us women need to walk with confidence throughout our lives by knowing that we can have protection from crime, at an affordable price! Don't forget to check out our Safety Tips, for more information on how to prevent crime from happening to you!

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