Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Affordable $6 Pepper Spray With Extras

We have many pepper sprays in our store but there is one that stands out. It's the most affordable and has a feature most others don't have!

Parking lots at night can be dangerous, especially for women.
Photo by Robert Banh
The cheapest unit we have is not necessarily the least sold or the weakest in our store. It's called the Pepper Spray Keychain 1/2 oz. In fact it has two advantages over most of our other units. First, this affordable unit doesn't have a plastic case around it, so its smaller, but yet holds the same amount of pepper spray! Second, unlike most of our pepper spray, with the exception of one, it also has a convenient quick key release keychain! This enables you to pull it out and use it on an attacker, while your keys are still on a door knob or your car ignition. Very handy!

$6 Cheap pepper spray, reaches 7 feet and contains 5 to 6 bursts.This affordable unit can reach up to 7 feet away and contains 5-6 one-second bursts. Like most quality self defense units, it also includes a UV Dye, which marks attackers and facilitates authorities to identify them if captured. This cheap self defense unit has a convenient belt clip, for hanging on your waist or purse, as well.

Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's inferior. It simply doesn't have a plastic shell around it. Plus, sometimes smaller things are more convenient and easier to hide. Remember, keep this baby handy where ever you go, for self defense!
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